About the Initiative

What Makes a Hero?

Healthcare Ready recognizes the organizations, companies, and individuals that went above and beyond during a disaster, as well as those making notable strides in times of calm to prepare their community for the future.

While we are dedicated to finding Heroes to showcase, we cannot catch every story. Help us by sharing your organization’s story with our team for an opportunity to be featured. This site will serve as a hub for inspiring stories that demonstrate the constant work being done across the supply chain that ensures our healthcare system is resilient.

To qualify for recognition as a Hero of the Supply Chain, interested candidates must submit a story that satisfies at least two of the following criteria:

  • Involves a situation where an organization went above and beyond their normal business operations to prevent a disruption in the supply chain, especially to donate a good other than money (time, resources, personnel, etc.).
  • Highlights a strategy devised during a time of disaster that could be replicated in future disasters (i.e., a lesson learned) to maintain normal operations.
  • Demonstrates the use of innovative programs, including new technologies, which may eventually provide significant advancements to health supply chain security or emergency response.
  • Demonstrates the use of innovative ad hoc solutions or creative repurposing of existing technology or infrastructure to move products or meet immediate patient needs.
  • Describes any novel cross-sector partnerships or initiatives that increase or protect access to medicine and healthcare, especially during disasters.

We recognize the many groups that take the extra leap to ensure patients receive the most seamless care possible. Click here to submit your story.