About Healthcare Ready

Community resilience depends upon a strong healthcare system.

This is doubly true during times of disaster.

Healthcare Ready (formerly Rx Response) helps to strengthen healthcare supply chains through collaboration with public health and private sectors by addressing pressing issues before, during, and after disasters. As the convener of industry and government, we safeguard patient health by providing solutions to critical problems. And, we provide best practices for healthcare preparedness and response.

Our Vision

Building the resiliency of our communities supports health and creates economic strength so that if disaster strikes quality of life returns to normal as fast as possible. Working together we ensure that we are stronger than the next disaster.


Healthcare Ready leverages unique relationships with government, nonprofit and medical supply chains to build and enhance the resiliency of communities before, during and after disasters.


Healthcare Ready (formerly Rx Response) was established in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina by the trade associations comprising the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain and the American Red Cross. During the Katrina response, millions of dollars in monetary and pharmaceutical donations were distributed by various non-profit and response organizations, as well as the private sector, with little coordination between them.

Without a central point of contact to foster collaboration between the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain and government, medical deliveries were held up at check points; hundreds of phone calls between government officials and random contacts within individual companies asked many of the same questions; and resolving questions or tackling obstacles proved time consuming and wasteful.

Since its creation, Healthcare Ready has helped companies, government agencies, and other organizations quickly and effectively address healthcare supply chain concerns before, during and after disasters.


Our pillars reflect Healthcare Ready’s guiding principles and areas of work. Guided by our mission to build and enhance the resiliency of communities’ healthcare systems before, during and after natural disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, and man-made events, Healthcare Ready’s pillars were selected to reflect the lifecycle of preparedness. The three R’s of Healthcare Ready are:

  • Resilience: Improve communities’ resilience and disaster and infectious disease preparedness by proactively solving recurring and emerging challenges, sharing best practices, and fostering cross-sector relationships at all times.
  • Response: Increase communities’ crisis response capabilities by identifying and working to solve critical issues, bridging response organizations and private sector partners, and serving as a trusted resource for information sharing, coordination, and expertise during disasters and pandemics.
  • Recovery: Assist communities’ recovery from disasters and infectious disease outbreaks by fostering collaboration, identifying and promoting lessons learned, and assisting community economic recovery.
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