Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of preparedness is centered on the need to strengthen healthcare systems, rather than building contingencies that may or may not ever be needed. Our priority is connecting public sector needs to private sector capacities. We are additionally proud of our growing role as a critical strategic partner to decision-makers at all levels of government and as a convener able to foster dialogue on emerging challenges with a wide range of public health officials, supply chain and private sector operators, and emergency management personnel.


From our position at the nexus of the public and private sectors, Healthcare Ready works year-round on efforts dedicated to creating a strong, resilient healthcare system that is empowered to act as efficiently and proactively as possible.


With extensive experience in bridging relations between public agencies and private sector operators, Healthcare Ready serves as a unique educational resource for policymakers, senior officials, media, and the public. We develop and promote practical, actionable solutions designed to increase the resiliency of the healthcare system.

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