Preparing for the Rule: Resources for Coalitions


The CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule presents an unprecedented opportunity for healthcare coalitions. With its mandate for emergency preparedness activities for 17 different supplier and providers, the Rule presents an opportunity for coalitions to:


  • Enhance the coalition’s reputation and resources,
  • Increase the coalition’s influence and engage new members, and;
  • Create sustainable funding streams.


Healthcare Ready has partnered with the Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance healthcare coalition to develop a suite of trainings and resources on the Rule for coalitions. In addition to the resources available on this page, we are prepared to come to you to work with your coalition, one-on-one, to develop a strategy for using the rule to strengthen your coalition and create a sustainable business plan.


How We Can Help


Coalitions are slated to play an integral role in the implementation of the CMS Rule. Healthcare Ready and NSPA leadership are ready and available to come to your coalition to conduct tailored trainings on the Rule, and how your coalition can best take advantage of the opportunity it presents.


We will tailor a program that fits your needs on topics such as:


  • CMS Preparedness Rule 101 – Overview and history
  • What coalitions can do to seize this opportunity
  • How HPP funds can be used for activities related to the Rule
  • Identifying and engaging new partners/members
  • How to work with different healthcare providers to help them implement the Rule
  • How to build a sustainable coalition with other funding sources


We recognize all coalitions are different. The topics above are examples of what the workshop can cover – we are eager to work with you to identify topics that fit your needs.

As two nonprofits dedicated to healthcare preparedness, we understand both the tremendous value coalitions bring to their regions, as well as the environment in which coalitions are operating. We have the relevant training and exercisedisaster response, and subject-matter expertise to help strengthen the strategy and operations of your coalition.


Interested in learning more or connecting with us?

Email or call 1-866-247-2694.

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