Heroes in Action

Note from the Executive Director



As we continue to navigate a world shifted by COVID-19, we remain focused on the health needs of populations devasted by this novel virus. In the midst of all of the difficulties and challenges posed from this time, we continue to look for the doers and the helpers. This moment, unlike any other, has caused us to remain laser focused on the critical nature of our mission. In the history of our organization, we have been stretched and tested to do the hard work of protecting communities impacted by disasters and catastrophic events. But this event has been different. The pandemic we have planned for and prepared for came, and while we’ve had plans in place, COVID-19 has stretched us even more than we might have imagined.

But still, we look for the helpers. We launched this campaign more than a year ago to lift up the stories of the Heroes — those who continue to help in times of strain. Because in a crisis, the Heroes who chose to go above and beyond to help us all save lives. These stories are not the only ones that exist, but provide a glimpse into the work, often behind the scenes, that has been done to help patients during this crisis.

We will continue to amplify these Heroes and ask that you help us shares these stories.

Especially in this pandemic, we wish you and your loved ones peace and safety.

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Our Heroes

The healthcare supply chain is made up of countless organizations and companies that work around the clock to bring medications and treatments to patients. During disasters, extraordinary efforts and creative solutions are required to overcome unimaginable logistical challenges. The work done by our Heroes of the Supply Chain to move medicines from manufacturers to patients helps to prevent these challenges from reaching patients.

From disease outbreaks to natural disasters, scores of different crises directly affect the supply chain, and often have cascading effects. Disease outbreaks can quickly spread and reach unprecedented heights, causing a surge in the demand for vaccinations and other medical countermeasures from manufacturers. Natural disasters wreak havoc on the transportation and movement of medical products from distributors, be it from flooding, wind, downed trees, closed roads, power outages, and more.

When a crisis demands it, the expertise of supply chain entities is put to the test. The supply chain leverages technology, creates novel partnerships, and invests time, talent and resources into disaster response operations so patient treatment doesn’t skip a beat.

Read about the tremendous lengths that our partners go during disasters to prevent and respond to disruptions in the supply chain.

The historic 2017 hurricane season saw partners across the supply chain work together to meet patient needs. The case studies below highlight tremendous problem solving on the fly – all for the patient.

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