Why Heroes?

Partners along every part of the healthcare supply chain, in collaboration with medical providers and healthcare facilities, go above and beyond during emergencies to ensure patients and providers have the products they depend upon.

With Heroes of the Supply Chain, Healthcare Ready aims to showcase the many innovative initiatives being implemented across the private sector and non-governmental organization (NGO) community. This community works to protect patients who have survived a disaster, so they don’t also have to face a medical crisis.

Disasters present massive logistical challenges to the flow of medicines and supplies down the supply chain. We applaud the logistical feats partners along the supply chain carry out to ensure deliveries can be made in extreme circumstances. These important stories have been recorded here.

Heroes of the Supply Chain is an evergreen initiative, periodically updated with content and resources. Healthcare Ready is proud to partner with many of these Heroes as we work collectively to further our respective missions.

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These efforts were supported by Healthcare Ready’s members: