Healthcare Ready Honors Healthcare Distribution Sector as 2021 ‘Hero of the Supply Chain’

2021 has been a year where many of the interconnected sectors of healthcare have gone above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of patients throughout the nation. Healthcare Ready is shining a light on the solutions-focused approach of one sector that has helped ensure the continued delivery of medicines, breakthrough vaccines, and PPE during the most difficult of circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Standing up to the many stressors, challenges, and pressures presented by COVID-19, we’re pleased to announce the healthcare distribution sector, represented by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance, as a “2021 Hero of the Supply Chain.” The industry has maintained incredible flexibility as it collectively responded with its partners to internal and external pressures while safeguarding the safe, efficient, and effective distribution of lifesaving medicines and healthcare products throughout the nation. 

Various segments of the industry are to be commended for seamlessly serving their critical functions while also beginning to focus on increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their respective roles. Each partner of the healthcare supply chain has valiantly confronted various headwinds while serving key stakeholders like policymakers, employees, industry partners, and the wider public during this challenging time. 

Healthcare Ready is pleased to recognize organizations such as HDA, whose members make up the cornerstone of healthcare delivery while attending to our daily healthcare needs — even while leaning into efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive industry. These role models are celebrated for their ability to adapt, find creative solutions, and turn seemingly insurmountable challenges into unique opportunities throughout the year. As the healthcare distribution sector continues to lead by example, the US understands now more than ever the value of an efficient and effective healthcare supply chain for all.