Healthcare Ready Bestows “2021 Hero of the Supply Chain” Award on Pharmaceutical Industry for Efforts to Mitigate COVID-19 Impact on Society

When the novel coronavirus arrived in the US in the early weeks of January 2020, the world was grappling with understanding the nuances of the virus that would soon become a global pandemic. Fortunately, the pharmaceutical industry had invested millions of dollars and decades of scientific research and development to prepare for this very moment. 

To make the seemingly impossible a reality, the pharmaceutical industry leveraged existing partnerships with the federal government as they relentlessly tackled every challenge and spent thousands of hours racing to create safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines. For example, as infection rates soared, Moderna’s collaboration with the National Institute of Health enabled them to research, test, and produce hundreds of millions of doses of their vaccine. 

Impressing and shocking nearly everyone, at the end of 2021, eleven months after the virus was detected in the US, the first shots of COVID-19 were in arms, a record accomplishment by any estimation. This incredible feat was made possible through scores of public/private partnerships among medical device and pharmaceutical companies in partnership with the federal government, potentially saving millions of lives. 

The pharmaceutical industry, in aggregate, is one of Healthcare Ready’s “2021 Heroes of the Supply Chain” in recognition of their collective, seminal contributions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the world’s population. Now children as young as five are potentially being protected from the virus or receiving therapies to speed up recovery. These companies are also working on a spectrum of diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines to help ensure the preparedness, capabilities, and capacities of the US to defend itself against future viral disease outbreaks.

As a nation, we are grateful for all the players and stakeholders within this industry sector for their relentless pursuit to safeguard public health. The innovative diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines, treatments, and other products or technologies relevant to COVID-19 could not have made it into the hands of medical professionals without the perseverance and ingenuity of this powerful alliance.