Itahni Kotee

Itahni Kotee is the Programs Coordinator at Healthcare Ready where she supports a broad range of program and research execution infrastructures. She also oversees the use of program management software, and manages research project operations and project coordination.

Before joining Healthcare ready Itahni worked for a hospital as an administrative assistant for the patient services department. Her primary role involved assisting the operations manager in the implementation of new COVID policies and procedures. Prior to that, Itahni had the opportunity to work for a nonprofit organization as an international outreach coordinator. The organization focused on providing education to at risk-youth in West Africa in which she was responsible for coordinating communication between domestic and international stakeholders, donors, and sponsors.

Itahni attended the University of North Carolina- Charlotte where she earned a Bachelor’s in International Studies with a focus in human rights. She also holds an MPA in Non-profit and Public Management from Liberty University.

In her free time, Itahni enjoys cooking, traveling, and painting.

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