Our Levels of Support


Help Communities Prepare for the Next Disaster

As challenges evolve and escalate around us—from pandemics to hurricanes and other natural disasters—Healthcare Ready helps communities prepare for the inevitable, respond when in crisis, and recover to be more resilient and better equipped to weather the next disaster.

Healthcare Ready has a 15-year history of working with local governments, private industry, and federal partners to assist communities in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from natural disasters that are on the rise. As a nonprofit, we rely on contributions from business and nonprofit organizations to enable us to serve our mission and create strong, resilient communities. Our goal is to protect the health of patients and bring life back to normal as soon as possible after these unplanned events.

To learn more about our impact on safeguarding communities across the nation, see our Guide to Healthcare Ready and 2020 Annual Report.

Become a Member or Supporter of Healthcare Ready

Membership to Healthcare Ready is divided into two tiers: Member and Supporter. Joining either group provides businesses and nonprofit organizations with benefits to serve Healthcare Ready’s core mission of building communities’ resilience, improving their preparedness, and protecting patients.

For example, benefits offered to Members of Healthcare Ready include:

  • Access to decision-makers in state and federal emergency management, public health, and homeland security agencies
  • Assistance with coordination with other owners and operators of the healthcare supply chain
  • Testing and review of business continuity and emergency response plans
  • Accurate and timely information during disasters to help address supply chain issues
  • Direct support during disasters, including credentialing assistance and regulatory guidance

Help Fund Healthcare Ready’s Operations, Projects, and Programs

With the support of organizations like yours, Healthcare Ready is able further our impact on communities across the nation. Other funding opportunities include providing a general grant to help fund our operations or we will identify a specific mission-aligned project and/or program with your support. For example, we recently completed a nationwide study on the “Impact of COVID-19 on Communities of Color.” It was funded by the Walmart Foundation to identify needs and gaps in resources so that actionable steps can be taken by government and policy makers to build more resilient communities.

“I’m in awe of the stamina everyone on the team has maintained this last year to bring incredible impact for those in need. Thank you for all you do and the wonderful partnership “

Brooks Nelson (he/him/his), Senior Manager, Walmart Foundation

Please click here or contact Membership@HealthcareReady.org to learn more about supporting Healthcare Ready.