Combatting COVID-19: Partnerships

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed gaps and vulnerabilities across the US health system and required novel strategic partnerships to identify solutions and effectively respond. Some successes that new partnerships have achieved include increasing research for medical countermeasures, enhancing community education, identifying and addressing health care disparities exacerbated by the pandemic, and strengthening overall pandemic preparedness.  

The following are some of our partnerships formed during the pandemic that helped to uplift the nation’s ability to respond to COVID-19 and prepare for future pandemics. We are thankful for all of our partners who helped make these initiatives possible. 

  • In partnership with the Walmart Foundation and research from the University of Maryland and the University of Southern Alabama, Healthcare Ready conducted and released findings from the Impact of COVID-19 on Communities of Color (IC3) Project. The project added to COVID-19 research by identifying the most pressing concerns and needs of communities to help address disparities in response efforts and outcomes of the pandemic.
  • Working with the Medtronic Foundation, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, and health experts and community leaders, Healthcare Ready created and produced the VaxxChat webinar series. The VaxxChat series was designed to educate the public about ongoing COVID-19 vaccine development and distribution efforts. The Chats addressed areas of concern by bringing on members of the healthcare community and community leaders to answer some of the most pressing questions about vaccines. 
  • In our sixth year partnering with YouGov, Healthcare Ready analyzed data on the nation’s greatest disaster concerns and preparedness actions, including pandemic preparedness data. Findings from our 2021 National Preparedness Poll revealed information on some of the factors that contribute to disparate impacts that disasters have on communities of color, low-income individuals, the medically fragile, and other vulnerable communities. 
  • Healthcare Ready Executive Director, Dr. Nicolette Louissaint appeared on numerous radio shows, podcasts, and webinars to discuss common areas of concern related to the COVID-19 vaccine, and educate listeners on the benefits of getting vaccinated. Some of Dr. Louissaint’ s appearances included WURD’s Reality Check radio show, The Better Samaritan podcast, the United Church of Christ’s Tuesdays for Nurture webinar series, the Refuge Church of God’s We Need to Talk webinar, the Red Lip Theology podcast and the It’s Up to You Campaign, the National Minority Quality Forum, the Capitol Hill Steering Committee, and a discussion with Freedom Road Podcast host, Lisa Harper.

Healthcare Ready is dedicated to addressing the gaps in our nation’s preparedness and response capabilities. As we enter 2022, we remain committed to our future partnerships and work to mitigate potential impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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