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Frequently asked questions about Healthcare Ready

What is Healthcare Ready?

Healthcare Ready is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring the healthcare supply chain is prepared for and able to respond to natural disasters, pandemics, and other emergencies. We collaborate with public and private sectors to enhance the resiliency of healthcare supply chains and support communities before, during, and after disasters. 

How does Healthcare Ready help during emergencies?

We work closely with healthcare organizations, government agencies, and industry partners to anticipate and address healthcare supply chain challenges during emergencies. Our efforts include pre-positioning critical medical supplies, providing guidance on supply chain resilience, facilitating information sharing, and supporting response and recovery efforts.

Who can benefit from Healthcare Ready’s services?

Healthcare Ready serves a wide range of stakeholders, including healthcare providers, pharmacies, emergency management agencies, public health departments, businesses, and community organizations. Our resources and support are designed to assist anyone involved in healthcare delivery or affected by disruptions to the healthcare supply chain. 

How can I get involved with Healthcare Ready?

You can get involved by staying informed about our initiatives, participating in our training programs, collaborating with us on preparedness efforts, or becoming a partner organization. Visit our website regularly for updates on volunteer opportunities, events, and ways to engage with Healthcare Ready. 

Is Healthcare Ready a government agency?

No, Healthcare Ready is an independent nonprofit organization. While we collaborate closely with government agencies, we are a separate entity focused on enhancing healthcare supply chain resilience and response capabilities. 

How does Healthcare Ready protect patient privacy and data?

Protecting patient privacy and sensitive data is a priority for us. We adhere to strict data protection protocols and comply with all relevant privacy regulations to safeguard information shared with us during emergencies or through our programs. 

How can I support Healthcare Ready’s mission?

You can support our mission by spreading awareness about healthcare supply chain resilience, advocating for preparedness and health equity in your community or organization, donating to our cause, or volunteering your time and expertise. 

How can I contact Healthcare Ready for more information?

For inquiries or more information, you can reach out to us through our website’s contact form or email us directly at . We are also active on social media platforms, so feel free to connect with us on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn for updates and news. 

About Healthcare Ready

Healthcare Ready is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to ensure patient access to healthcare in times of disaster, emergency, and disease outbreaks. We leverage unique relationships with government, nonprofit and medical supply chains to build and enhance the resiliency of communities before, during and after disasters. Learn more about Healthcare Ready

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