Why your donation matters

Healthcare Ready is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to serve as a public-private partnership for health preparedness and response. The organization is funded by:
  • membership support and donations from private sector companies and trade associations
  • grants from foundations and other organizations
  • research projects and studies funded by both the public and private sector
We are only able to operate and provide our services – both during emergencies and year-round – through the support of members, project sponsors and donors.

During emergencies (like the current COVID-19 epidemic), Healthcare Ready operates our Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and provides response coordination and support to healthcare organizations and impacted patients, including our one-of-a-kind online mapping tool, Rx Openat no cost to communities during disasters and infectious disease outbreaks.

We work at the systems-level and the community level to improve the nation’s readiness for events. Healthcare Ready undertakes projects year-round aimed at increasing health and community preparedness and response. We do this through our program work (at the national and local levels) and policy initiatives. 

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There are a range of ongoing initiatives which require funding and support to accomplish. This is a snapshot of efforts and services for which we seek annual support to sustain. If you’d like to learn more, please email us at

Rx Open

Highly regarded and widely distributed by federal, state and local agencies, disaster relief organizations, including the American Red Cross, and countless other public and private organizations in a disaster, Rx Open tracks the operating status of pharmacies for thousands of people during disasters at no cost to users.

Support for Rx Open is critical for Healthcare Ready’s ability to continuously update the system through data feeds and direct feedback from the field, as well as updating and maintaining the technology used.

Diseases and Disasters Roundtables

Community preparedness requires partners, even unlikely ones, to connect and plan in advance of events. With this in mind, the Diseases and Disasters Roundtable series was created in 2017. This series, convened several times a year, focuses on providing a range of partners the opportunity to share best practices and coordinate plans to support specific patient populations in crisis. Since 2017, the Roundtable series has focused on: diabetes, end-stage renal disease and dialysis, aging, oncology patients, and much more.

Annual Domestic Poll

Since 2016, Healthcare Ready has conducted an annual poll of individuals across the United States. This poll, executed in May of each year, focuses on questions that help our team to understand individual and community level preparedness, concern about disasters and disease outbreak, and expectations of government and healthcare during crisis. More on the poll results can be found here.


In recent years, Healthcare Ready’s capabilities, experience and programs have grown beyond disaster response and now include research, training and other projects performed for/with the public and private sector. Recent and current programs include:


Healthcare Ready can develop customized training materials on a wide array of public health and preparedness topics. We have developed curricula and delivered trainings for a spectrum of audiences, including federal agencies such as the CDC’s Division for the Strategic National Stockpile and private sector companies. Healthcare Ready staff are recognized and certified experts in business continuity with a wealth of experience designing and delivering customized trainings for your organization.

We support trainings and table-top exercises at the facility and community level to help groups plan for disasters and disease outbreaks in partnership with government and private sector stakeholders. Learn more here.

Research and Reports

Recent work by Healthcare Ready includes:

  • A first-of-its-kind study and related resources funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services, on challenges to private sector access and re-entry to restricted sites during disasters, Access Denied: Delivery of Critical Healthcare Products and Personnel to Disaster Sites.
  • A report on the feasibility of pharmacies sending mobile alerts during public health emergencies.
  • nationwide poll and analysis of over 1,100 adults representative of the US population on citizens’ attitudes and activities related to preparedness. This data and analysis was used to shape plans, inform policymakers, and bring visibility to areas of need.

Whether you would like to sponsor an existing project, discuss a new idea, or discuss a partnership opportunity, please reach out to us at


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