Personal Preparedness


Personal Preparedness

Tools and Resources to help you prepare your health for the next disaster.

Ensure you have your health resources prepared for an emergency

While it’s vitally important to protect and prepare the general public for natural disasters or health emergencies, it’s just as important that we, as emergency workers and members of the general public, take a look at our personal situations. Perhaps you may require a weekly supply of insulin or other prescription drug or perhaps your child has health issues that in the event of an emergency will require quick action. It’s important to think about your immediate family or your own health situation. Staying informed and preparing yourself ahead of time is the best thing you can do for all unpredictable events that may occur.

Healthcare Ready has several ready-to-go collective resources, partnerships, and expertise to support communities and all individuals who have been and will be most impacted by a natural or health disaster.


TOPIC: Health Preparedness tips for natural disasters and outbreaks Preparing Before A Disaster Or Outbreak (Preparedness Tips) Before a state of emergency, it’s crucial to create a disaster preparedness plan for your healthcare needs. It may […]
Rx On the Run is allows users to print a personalized wallet card that documents your prescriptions and other important medical information. 


Personal Preparedness

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