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Healthcare Ready Welcomes Julie Abrams As Associate Director Of Programs And Response

Healthcare Ready in Washington, D.C. is pleased to announce that Julie Abrams, a resident of Kansas City, recently joined the nonprofit as associate director of programs and response. Abrams will provide management and leadership for the organization related to supply-chain resilience, healthcare security and equity.

The 'sickest day of the year'

Aug. 24 is the nation’s “sickest day of the year,” according to new research by leave management platform Flamingo Leave Tracker.

Is the U.S. headed for another "tripledemic" this fall?

As COVID cases and hospitalizations rise, experts warn it could happen again.

Healthcare Ready

Today UPS and Teamsters agreed to “historic” employee pay raises, filling jobs, and new heat safety features.

Healthcare Ready

A tornado caused extensive damage to a Pfizer manufacturing facility responsible for producing nearly 25 percent of all sterile injectables used in US hospitals.

Healthcare Ready

A strike could potentially create drastic impacts for the supply chain, and particularly the healthcare supply chain – which is still recovering from the pandemic.

Perry Fri

Healthcare Ready’s mission focuses on increasing community responsiveness and planning during disasters. Learn more about Healthcare Ready’s impact and projects, and how they assist the healthcare supply chain through disasters.

Dr. Bruce Altevogt

As we celebrate Healthcare Ready’s 15 years of impact, it’s important to focus on what sets this organization apart from others. Healthcare Ready accomplishes this by ensuring that, as a community, we’re working together across sectors to meet the needs of patients, especially at the most vulnerable times.

Melanie Mackin

Each year, Healthcare Ready conducts a domestic preparedness poll to measure how Americans would respond in emergency situations like natural disasters or health pandemics. The results provide healthcare officials and organizations an understanding of Americans concerns and preparations. While the private and public sectors both gain valuable insights from this poll, there are some major takeaways for everybody.

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