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Healthcare Ready provides a variety of helpful online resources for all members of the community to access when they need to. This page includes videos, disaster tip sheets, and information about partnerships with community clinics. Healthcare Ready is the go-to hub of information for communities when they need it quickly.


Shutdown 2023: Potential impacts to healthcare delivery and how communities an prepare There are less than two weeks until the Sept. 30 deadline for Congress to pass 12 spending bills to avert a government shutdown. While Congress has […]
The "Supply Chain Resiliency: Collaborative Procurement playbook" offers both novice and experienced supply chain managers a collection of resources and tools to enhance and diversify strategies for supply chain resiliency, with a particular focus on collaborating with partners.
This proposed sample list is designed to serve as a reference point and an initial planning framework offering critical supply related considerations for health centers in emergency preparedness planning and supply chain readiness.
A critical supplies list includes specific supplies that are likely to be needed in case of disaster. Lists are unique to the patient population, hazards profile, and facility’s services provided under normal operations.
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