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Access Denied:

Delivery of Critical Healthcare Products and Personnel to Disaster Sites

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    Webinar on Access Denied Report

    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Critical Infrastructure Protection program (CIP) hosted a webinar for Healthcare Ready present findings and analysis from the report to stakeholders across the country.

    Watch the webinar here or by clicking the image below.  You can also download the slides here.

    Access Webinar

    Disaster Access Report Research


    The number one request for assistance Healthcare Ready receives is facilitating private sector access into restricted areas after a disaster. In an effort to highlight the challenges this creates for healthcare, as well as identify and share best practices on this issue around the country, Healthcare Ready conducted a comprehensive reviw of this issue in Access: Denied. The report first clearly outlines why private sector access has challenged response operations for years, and the negative impact delays in services and supplies this creates can have on healthcare. Negative impacts includes delays in:


    • Healthcare access for patients
    • Deliveries of critical products
    • Employee access to work sites
    • Community and economic resiliency


    The report then provides a set of recommendations to improve access programs and protocols. Additionally, the report provides technical resources for public and private sectors. These resources include:


    • A state-by-state summary of access programs and approaches in place, with contact information for relevant authorities, and;
    • A summary of model access programs in place and related legislation in high-performing states.


    Healthcare Ready was able to conduct this first ever nation-wide analysis through support from HHS/ASPR’s Critical Infrastructure Protection program (CIP) and Deloitte Consulting.

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