2023 Hurricane Idalia Situation Report #2

2023 Hurricane Idalia Situation Report #2

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Healthcare Ready's Posture

Healthcare Ready is ENGAGED for this event. We are monitoring potential concerns for supply chain disruptions and impacts on healthcare services on our response page, listing resources and previous situation reports.


Healthcare Ready has activated our EOC and Hotline for patients to call for support in navigating their personal healthcare needs. This compliments our activation of www.rxopen.org which maps the status of pharmacies, Community Health Centers, Dialysis Clinics.

Situation Overview

Between August 31 and September 1, North and South Carolina received heavy rains, strong winds, severe flooding, and isolated tornadoes as Tropical Storm Idalia traveled along their coasts before veering off into the Atlantic. Idalia has weakened to a post tropical cyclone and is now traveling east through the Atlantic near Bermuda through to Sunday. Prior to Idalia’s landfall in the Carolinas, the coasts were already experiencing high tides that were exacerbated by the heavy rains and winds. Severe flooding in Charleston Port breached the beach wall, inundating historic residential areas.

Power outages across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia have largely recovered. Florida continues to experience the most power outages with 59,000+ customers still without power as of 1:30pm EDT.

Thirty medical facilities in Florida and Georgia remain evacuated, impacting over 1,000 patients. Reopening dates are unclear at this time.

Key Updates

Rx Open Data
  • Rx Open is activated for Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. As of September 2, 1:30 PM EDT, there is 1 pharmacy closure in Florida. To view updates, visit Rx Open.
Federal and State Government Actions
  • The Seminole Tribe has declared a Tribal State of Emergency.
  • On August 31, 2023, President Biden approved a federal disaster declaration for South Carolina.
  • On August 28, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency for North Carolina for 30 days, unless rescinded earlier.
  • On August 8, 2023, Governor Kemp declared a state of emergency for Georgia that is set to expire on September 8, 2023.

Impacts to Healthcare and Supply Chain

Impacts to Healthcare
  • Power
    • Based on the HHS emPOWER Map, which displays the total number of at-risk electricity-dependent Medicare beneficiaries: Florida has 188,461 at-risk beneficiaries; Georgia has 94,077 at-risk beneficiaries; North Carolina has 107,299 at-risk beneficiaries; and South Carolina has 52,562 at-risk beneficiaries.
      • As of 1:30 PM EDT on Saturday, September 2, Florida has 1 county with nearly 100% power outages, 4 counties with 65 – 85% power outages, and 2 counties with 25 – 45% power outages across customers tracked. Within those 7 counties, there are 1,910 at-risk beneficiaries who rely on electricity-dependent medical devices.*
        • Counties tracked: Taylor, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Lafayette, Dixie, and Suwannee.
    • As of 1:30 PM EDT on Saturday, September 2, Georgia is seeing minimal power outages, with only Lowndes County reporting more than 20% power outages of customers tracked.
    • As of 1:30 PM EDT on Saturday, September 2, North Carolina and South Carolina are seeing minimal power outages.

Critical Healthcare Infrastructure

Supply Chain and Logistics Update

  • Florida
    • All ports have resumed normal operations.
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
    • Severe flooding has damaged and closed local roadways and bridges in southeastern portion of the state with anticipated reopening dates ranging from later this month to undetermined.
    • As of August 31, the US Coast Guard reopened the Port of Charleston following heavy flooding. They have cautioned vessel traffic to be aware of risks associated with remaining damage from Idalia.

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