2023 Hawaii Wildfires Situation Report #2

2023 Hawaii Wildfires Situation Report #2

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Healthcare Ready is ENGAGED for this event. We are monitoring potential concerns for supply chain disruptions and impacts on healthcare services on our response page, listing resources and previous situation reports.


Healthcare Ready has been designated lead for the Hawaii VOAD’s Health and Medical Working Group, and in this role are coordinating the NGO and private sector partners to match resources to unmet needs.
Additionally, Healthcare Ready has activated our EOC and Hotline for patients to call for support in navigating their personal healthcare needs. This compliments our activation of www.rxopen.org which maps the status of pharmacies, Community Health Centers, Dialysis Clinics.

Situation Overview
  • There are currently four active fires burning on Maui:
    • Lahaina fire is now 90% contained. Estimated 2,168 acres.
    • Kula fire is now 80% contained. Estimated 202 acres.
    • Olinda fire is now 85% contained. Estimated 1,081 acres.
    • Pulehu / Kihei fire remains 100% contained. A flareup occurred inside the burn area on 8/17 however it was extinguished.
  • The number of confirmed fatalities is 111 with about 40% of the Lahaina area being searched. The main mission priorities for FEMA and others remain as search and rescue, fire containment operations, and damage assessments in the impacted areas.
    • HHS ASPR have deployed 36 Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams (DMORT) specialists and Victim Information Center (VIC) on the ground.
    • A Disaster Portable Morgue Unit (DPMU) was deployed into operations on 8/17.

Key Updates

Rx Open Data
  • Rx Open, which is now active for the ongoing wildfires affecting Hawaii, is a game-changer in disaster response. This resource empowers individuals and families by providing updated information on the operating status of crucial healthcare facilities, including pharmacies, dialysis centers, and community health centers in areas affected by disasters. 
  • 7 total pharmacies across all locations in Hawaii are reporting Closed or Unknown (2.2% of total pharmacies in the state).  
  • In Maui, twelve of 15 pharmacies being tracked appear Open, two are Closed, and one is Unknown.
  • One CVS has been closed indefinitely due to damages from the initial event. 
  • Currently, we are tracking 5 Dialysis Centers on Rx Open. These are the DCs on Maui, or with patients who are located on Maui. 
    • Two of four total dialysis centers in Maui are currently Closed, with the remainder of dialysis centers in the state reporting as Open.
  • Rx Open is also tracking multiple healthcare delivery centers, including clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Substance Use Disorder Treatment facilities and one pediatric center
Federal & State Government Actions
  • As of 8/17, FEMA has approved more than $3.8 million in assistance to 1,640 households including more than $1.57 million in initial rental assistance.
    • Additionally, President Biden made additional disaster funding available to Hawaii. This will allow the federal government to cover all expenses for debris removal and emergency protections on Maui for 30 days of the governor’s choosing.
    • Maui residents affected by the wildfires can apply for federal disaster assistance at the Disaster Recovery Center located at the University of Hawaii Maui College. It operates daily from 8am to 7pm HST.
Hurricane Hilary
  • As of 8/18, Hurricane Hilary has reached a Category 4 status and is trajected to impact parts of Southern California this weekend.
  • The American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) provided insight on the potential impacts Hurricane Hilary might have on shipments to Hawaii from California. 
    • Shipping companies Matson and Pasha Hawaii, who have been providing relief efforts by ensuring shipments get to Hawaii, both sail out of the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles. Both of those ports are expected to have disruptions based on the trajectory of Hurricane Hilary.
    • However, neither port have had Coast Guard warnings yet.

Impacts to Health Care and Supply Chain

Impacts to Health Care
  • The Family Assistance Center (FAC) has moved from the Kahului Community Center to the Hyatt Regency’s Monarch Ballroom in Ka’anapali. It is open daily from 10am to 8pm. For FAC details, call 1-800-RED-CROSS.
  • There are currently two county-facilitated distribution sites:
    • Lahaina Gateway Center, opens daily from 10am to 4pm HST. On Sunday, 8/20, they will be closed for a staff break.
    • Napili Plaza is open 24/7 for food, water, and other needs.
    • As electricity is turned on across the island, more grocery stores and markets plan to open up and provide support to residents and others in need.
  • There is still health and safety concerns around the air quality in the Lahaina and Upper Kula area. The Hawaii Department of Health is urging caution for residents and others who are allowed to return to their properties in the Lahaina area.
  • There are currently two shuttle services providing free transportation for medical appointments for people impacted by the fires:
    • Maui Economic Opportunity is offering rides to people who are sheltering at the South Maui Community Park Gymnasium and Mayor Hannibal Tavares Community Center in Pukalani.
      • Operates daily from 8am to 5pm HST
      • Reservations can be made at (808) 877-7651 from 8am to 4pm HST weekdays.
    • Roberts Hawaii is offering rides to people who are sheltering at the Central Maui shelters.
      • Operates daily from 8am to 8pm HST
      • Reservations can be made at (808) 871-4838 for same day reservations.
  • From 8/15 to 8/18, Maui Health clinicians will provide medical services, regardless of health insurance, from 9am to 4pm HST at Lahaina Gateway and Napili Plaza.
  • Kaiser Permanente provides medical services to members and non-members at three locations in Lahaina. Pharmacy courier services will be available at all three sites. These locations are open 10am to 4pm HST, seven days a week.
    • Kaiser Permanente’s Mobile Health Vehicle at Lahaina Gateway: providing first aid, pediatric services, and OB/GYN services beginning 8/18.
    • Kaiser Permanente First Aid Station at the Hyatt Regency Lahaina (Ballroom): providing first aid services.
    • Napili Market: providing first aid services.
Critical Healthcare Infrastructure
  • An unsafe water advisory is still in effect in certain areas until further notice and states that residents should not drink and/or boil water.
    • Water sampling will continue 8/18 and 8/20 in the Lahaina and Upper Kula areas.
    • There are several sites distributing drinking water in the Lahaina and Upper Kula area.
Supply Chain and Logistics Update
  • Lahaina Port is destroyed. That port is mainly for cruise ships and other commercial vessels to dock near Lahaina.
  • As of Wednesday, 8/16, the main road to Lahaina (Honoapi’ilani Highway) was open to all motorists daily from 6am – 10pm HST.
    • Late night access from 10pm – 6am HST is restricted for West Maui residents, first responders, and West Maui employees.
  • There is limited visibility into any disaster related medical supply shipments being sent to Hawaii.
    • These products would typically travel via ocean freight. Honolulu is the main port that products go to – some go directly to Maui but mainly Honolulu.
    • The time it takes from mainland US is 5-7 days. Once the product is in Hawaii, interisland barges (1-3 days transit) is the primary mode of moving product. But air cargo services are available between the islands.
    • Matson (shipping company service between mainland US and Hawaii)
      • Matson is working with FEMA to deliver emergency response equipment and supplies to Maui.
      • Other supplies listed here.
      • Matson will maintain its normal schedule of barge arrivals at Kahului on Tuesdays and Fridays and operate special additional sailings as needed to support emergency response. So far, the company has scheduled one other extra Maui sailing trip on Sunday, 8/20.
    • Pasha Hawaii (shipping company service between mainland US and Hawaii)
      • Pasha Hawaii supply chain routes are fully operational.
      • Enacted their Emergency Response Plan which includes prioritizing emergency rations medical supplies via available barge capacity to Maui.
      • The company is working with government agencies, customers and partners for the shipment of relief supplies in addition to coordinating shipments with nonprofit organizations to Maui.
  • There is some sort of priority rating system for supplies coming into Hawaii however there is limited detail around it. 
    • At this time, the Donations Task Force on island is looking for more storage and space to operate on both Maui and Oahu. There are currently too many containers to process in a timely manner, so the task force is unable to determine what product is in them. 
      • 50,000 to 100,000 sq ft for Maui
      • 200,000+ sq ft for Oahu
  • Local community groups, Lt. Governor Luke’s Office, the National Guard, and multiple NGOs are leading efforts on the movement and distribution of supplies.
  • There are now five shelters (-1) listed on Maui County’s government site. The number of people sheltering has continued to decrease which is a good sign.
    • Hannibal Tavares Community Center 
    • War Memorial Gymnasium 
    • South Maui Community Park Gymnasium
    • King’s Cathedral Maui
    • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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