Hurricane Season 2021

Healthcare Sector and Communities | Situation Reports | Rx Open | Patient Resources 

Healthcare Ready is ALERT for the 2021 hurricane season. This means that we are in rigorous communication with private and public sector partners to monitor hurricanes, tropical storms and recovery efforts in affected areas. We’re also standing ready to assist.

This page contains updates to provide situational awareness around events as they unfold as well as free resources and state-specific information to assist healthcare facilities, communities, and individuals prepare for and respond to hurricanes.

Support for the Healthcare Sector and Communities

Healthcare Ready’s assistance includes:

  • Rapid access to the right contacts in the private sector or government
  • Coordination with federal, state and local officials, nonprofits and shelters to ensure coordination and assistance with access to medicine
  • Coordination with HHS, FEMA, state EOCs, and private sector companies
  • Assistance with donations to shelters 
  • Facilitating access to healthcare facilities to ensure deliveries and personnel have access into restricted areas or with resuming operations
  • Sharing information and promoting the use of medicine assistance programs

Healthcare Ready Situation Reports

Rx Open – Status of Pharmacies

Rx Open is an interactive map showing whether pharmacies and dialysis centers are open across all US states and territories. 

National Resources

Situation Resources

  • Track Storms – National Hurricane Center
  • Power Outages – PowerOutages
  • Fuel Availability – GasBuddy
  • Shelters: Red Cross shelters are available in affected areas. Find a shelter here.
    • You can also call the Red Cross at 1-800-733-2767
    • Or the Transitional Sheltering Assistance Program at 800-621-3363

State Resources

  • Report Outages
    • Entergy: 1-800-968-8243
    • Magnolia Electric Power: 601-684-4011
    • Southern Pine Electric: 800-231-5240, press one
  • Map of Outages:
  • Shelter: 1-888-574-3583 (M-F 8-5:30)
  • Disability and Disaster Hotline: 800-626-4959

Patient Resources

Health Condition/Disease Specific Resources
Prescription refill regs during an emergency in affected states
  • General: TRICARE authorized the following temporary prescription refill waivers due to the storm: 
    • Alabama through 09/28/21  
    • Connecticut through 09/11/21  
    • Louisiana through 09/27/21
    • Maryland through 09/10/21 
    • Mississippi through 09/27/21 
    • New Jersey through 09/11/21  
    • New York through 09/11/21  
    • Pennsylvania through 09/08/21
    • Virginia through 09/10/21  
    • West Virginia through 09/10/21  
    • To find a TRICARE network pharmacy call Express Scripts at 1-877-363-1303
  • Louisiana 

Request Assistance from Healthcare Ready: 
If you would like to request assistance from Healthcare Ready, please email at or call (866-247-2694).