Resource Ready – a Healthcare Ready Preparedness Tool

Resource Ready (a Healthcare Ready Preparedness Tool) is here to help you prepare for and recover from disasters with your health needs in mind. Use this tool to get a list of resources around the web and on our website to help you prepare for disasters or disease outbreaks.

The tool is simple and easy to use:

  1. First, select whether you are preparing for a disaster, or seeking resources to help recover from a recent disaster.
  2. Next, narrow your search by selecting the type of disaster you are seeking resources on. Examples could include flooding, tornado, or disease outbreak.
  3. Personalize your results by including relevant conditions (examples are: diabetes, hearing impairment, pregnancy), and then include the most appropriate age-range for best results.

Once you enter this information, the tool will generate a situation-specific list of resources you can use to begin your planning or recovery process. You can also opt-out of any section you do not wish to complete.

Please note: We do not store or save any of your information or searches. As your information will not be saved in the system, your privacy and confidentiality are protected. You can also return multiple times to use the site for different people.

The tool was created with support from Eli Lilly and Company.



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