Training Expertise

Healthcare Ready is well-versed in developing curricula for and delivering trainings on a wide array of public health and medical topics for partners including the CDC’s Division of the Strategic National Stockpile (DSNS). We maintain capabilities to deliver trainings virtually or in-person.

Our recent trainings include:

Healthcare Ready Virtual Training - Chronic Conditions and COVID-19

Watch this training for information on Healthcare Ready’s support for people with chronic disease and health conditions during COVID-19. Find resources on understanding supply chain coordination, navigating pharmacy care, and the risk and challenges we are working to resolve.

Healthcare Ready Virtual Training - Navigating COVID-19 for Elderly and Dementia Patients

Watch for information on the risks associated with COVID-19 on the elderly and those with dementia. Find tailored resources for elderly and dementia patients to stay safe, as well as best practices and solutions caregivers can implement to protect the health of these groups.

Past Trainings

  • At the invitation of the Florida Pharmacy Association, Healthcare Ready trained several pharmacist groups on the risks associated with weapons of mass destruction to help pharmacists understand the threats posed by chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents.
  • Drexel University selected Healthcare Ready as a partner to design and support the execution of an all-day training session on disaster preparedness planning for pharmacists and independent pharmacy owners.
  • Healthcare Ready was requested by name to create a workshop on healthcare system preparedness best practices and methods for partnering with the private sector to the Eastern Virginia Healthcare Coalition members.
  • During the height of the Ebola epidemic of 2014, Healthcare Ready developed job aides for pharmacists on courses of action to take if a patient presented with Ebola virus disease at a pharmacy, as well as job aides for pharmacists and pharmacy owners on limiting exposure to infectious disease and partnering with local health departments.

Exercise Expertise

Healthcare Ready has independently developed, ran and evaluated a multi-year public-private sector exercise program. This annual tabletop and semi-live exercise brought together over 20 organizations that simultaneously tested their response plans to hurricanes, earthquakes, improvised nuclear devices (IND), and global pandemics.

Participants included HHS/ASPR CIP program, FEMA, state and local public health organizations and up to twenty (20) global healthcare companies. Healthcare Ready trained exercise evaluators and provided evaluation tools and conducted exercise hot washes and created after action reports.

Large Scale Pandemic Exercise Execution

  • The National Association for County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) and the CDC requested Healthcare Ready’s expertise to support examine pharmacy’s ability to mass vaccinate in a future pandemic through the development and execution of an exercise. Healthcare Ready also provided day-of execution as controller/evaluator and after-action analysis.
  • Healthcare Ready staff has provided exercise design, conduct, and evaluation subject-matter expertise to a wide range of public and private partners. Staff members have served as key planners and evaluators for numerous federal exercises, including National Level Exercises (NLE) 2008-09 and 2010-2013 and HHS’s Noble Lifesaver exercise series.



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